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MOP changes within the guild!

djlotus, Aug 26, 12 1:27 PM.
It has come to my attention that I don't follow the guild rules to a T. so with the coming of MOP things will be changing. everyone will need to reread and understand all rules in order to raid with the guild there is a topic in the forums where you can post that you have read and understand the rules. bottom line its up to you to keep up on your class. its up to you to be on time for raids. its up to you to follow the rules of this guild to the letter. failure to do so will result in  you not being able to raid or being removed from the guild. I personally have alot of friends in the guild and members that have moved to this server from our old server you guys are not above the rules so read then understand them love them or understand when you have to sit out.

updated recruiting for mop

djlotus, Aug 19, 12 9:22 PM.
I have upgraded recruiting going into MOP. the idea is to help the guild grow and insure that we can start raiding ASAP into MOP and maybe gain some server firsts. so recruit recruit recruit.

5/8 heroic.

djlotus, Aug 10, 12 1:42 AM.
Thank you everyone that have helped with us killing hagara heroic its been alot of hard work. I am proud of all of you. big things will await us in mop if we keep working together like this.

MOP Release Date

trickydickie, Jul 25, 12 8:44 PM.
So MOP is coming September 25th.

4/8 BABY

djlotus, Jul 12, 12 11:58 PM.
thank you for the hard work and detication we are now 4/8 heroic. im speachless guys.
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